Duration from 1 day up to 8 weeks.


We recommend at least one week stay if you want to do our Volunteer Program so that you can get a taste of how it is to work with lions on a daily basis. It takes a few days to become part of the system.


Extending your stay for more than 8 weeks has to be arranged after arrival at the sanctuary.


When you book we will send you options for booking a ticket on a bus, coach or by private car. If you want to be fetched at the airport and brought to Love Lions Alive Sanctuary the cost is R 1200 one way.


(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the package)

Per night: R 1350

Transport by LLA one way:

For a single person: R 1600

For 2 or 3 persons travelling together: R 1200 per person

Book your volunteer stay


To begin your booking process you can email volunteer@lovelionsaliveproject.com.


For enquiries in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish please contact: tale@lovelionsaliveproject.com.


We are not open to the public and as a working sanctuary, Andi and staff are busy with management duties, however, if you book in advance, Andi will give you a guided tour at the sanctuary.


Duration of a day tour is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. We prefer that you book at least a week ahead.


R 1000 per group

Maximum of 10 people per group


Any donation is appreciated.

To book a day tour send an email to:




At this time we do not have a guest stay option.


You can book a Day Tour with Andi (see above), but provide your own accommodation. We have a list of nearby accommodations with contact details and distanse from the sanctuary.

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