Our to do list is always expanding. There are a lot of things we need to do to keep it running and to develop the sanctuary.





At Love Lions Alive Sanctuary we have the following financial needs:


Medical care of the lions resulting in Veterinary bills. There are standard costs incurred monthly for normal health care, and there are extra ordinary costs which arise when we have to sedate lions for treatment of injury, illness or transportation. Annually it costs R96000.00




Building of Environments for the lions. We aim at setting the Gold Standard in Lion care at LLA and pride ourselves in building beautiful enclosures, our motto is ‘We build it once, they live in it forever.” We have built 10 lion areas so far and we house 16 lions. We have build rock pools for drinking and would like to build pools for playing in. Only Carl, Nachi, Moya and Sasha currently have this. Our next 4 enclosures will house lions we already have at LLA but due to growing up, from cubs into sub-adults, they require larger areas.




Vehicles. We use Ford bakkie which I have borrowed from my partner for work such as collecting carcasses, feeding lions, carrying the water tank. It is getting old and we have constantly to attend to maintenance on the vehicle in order to keep it operational. We have a Toyota Raider for town, city and lighter farm tasks. Neither of these vehicles are 4x4 due to the price. We have borrowed a Polaris for fighting fires in areas the bakkies can’t get to. We have borrowed a flat bed trailer which has been invaluable to the sanctuary.




Fuel. Diesel for collecting carcasses to feed the lions is the biggest daily expense. The carcases are given to us, but fetching them costs on average R350. Running the generator for power tools out in the veld, fire fighting equipment and brush cutters all use petrol.



Tools and Equipment. Industrial Brush cutter . Spades &Picks. Angle grinder. Skill saw. Cordless drill. Very big on our wish list are Solar Cells and invertors. DC Batteries as back up for the batteries running the electric fences. Staff clothes and safety gear.




Lion Rescues. There are several rescue projects in the pipeline, they require funds for transporting the lions from their current homes as well as building the lions enclosures in which to live out their lives safely and with quality of care. Some of the lions potentially coming to LLA are from within South Africa and others are from Belgium, Russia and Spain. LLA will publish details of lions being rescued. We have experienced that sometimes we do not have sufficient time to launch a fundraiser and as per Natacha’s enclosure I had to take a personal loan. We really need to have a fund earmarked for rescues.


  • Vet bill = R8000/month
  • Health care per lion = R500/month
  • For sponsors it is nice to know how a small amount can add quality to a lions life. Buy space for a lion = R12/1sqM
  • R200 per running meter of fence
  • R120 000 to house a single lion
  • R60 000 to house a lion sharing an enclosure
  • R3000 for a water pool
  • R6300/month Toyota
  • Any help with our vehicle situation would be appreciated
  • Ideally we need one bake with a winch which is only for collecting carcases as all other work stops when we use the ford.
  • Fuel R10 000/month
  • Solar systems to electrify the camp
  • Gift Vouchers for Builders Warehouse, Mica, Build It.
  • TRAVEL - the travel costs involved with a rescue vary significantly depending on the place of origin of the lion.
  • CRATE - R25 000
  • VET - R4000
  • ENCLOSURE - R120 000 (see above)

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