Rules & Safety


- Electric fence voltage and the entire fence line is to be walked and checked twice daily and the Inspection Log to be filled in on each inspection.

- An inspection is to be conducted immediately after heavy rainfall and if rain falls for a prolonged period, inspections should be conducted during that time.

- Solar panels are to be checked and batteries are to be timeously recharged if the panels are not receiving sun.

- Visual contact must be made of every lion daily and anything out of the usual reported immediately.



- Gates are to be locked with padlocks at all times

- No gate may be left open even if there are no lions in that particular enclosure.

- Gates must immediately be closed after a person enters or exits even if they intend straight away to re-enter or exit.



- It is proper protocol for a member of the team to man the gate whilst the others are in the enclosure. Manning the gate requires complete concentration by the gate guard on the actions and needs of the members of staff within the enclosure. The gate is to be manually held closed so that it can instantly be opened by the gate guard without unlocking locks.

-Two way radios and Telephones must be carried at all times.

- Before entering an enclosure, check that your pepper spray is attached to your belt.

- There must at all times be one person on guard whilst the other person or persons perform the task at hand. At no time should work be conducted, be it cleaning up bones, water holes, fence maintenance, feeding of lions or any other task with backs turned to the lions and without a designated person facing them and standing guard.

- It is good to keep a vehicle close by to the area being worked in. This can be used for cover and it means the fire extinguisher will be close at hand.

- When a single person is on duty or conducting a task, they may not enter the lion enclosure but must work from outside of it if possible or call for back up.

- Neither member of staff nor volunteer may enter an enclosure for the entertainment of any member of the public be they guests or other volunteers. Enclosures are only to be entered when work has to be done inside of them.



-You may not touch the lions.

- Do not reach into any enclosure.

- Quiet, calm behaviour is expected at all times. Sit or stand still while observing the lions, it is imperative that lions do not jump up against fences. Any interaction alongside of a fence or gate must be done with the lions standing on all four feet or lying down. No running alongside of fences or calling out to attract lions is allowed.

- Only authorised lion keepers may interact with lions and this may only be done through non-electrical fences or at gates. No visitors are to touch lions.



- Every single arrival at the Sanctuary is to be reported by text message to Andi Rive.

- Staff and volunteers must make guests aware of the safety signs which have been placed at strategic points and ask that they read them carefully.

- Where children are involved, staff must explain to the children that they may not run or shout. Children must be kept at least 2 meters from the enclosure fence.

- No guests may go up to the introductory lion enclosures on the mountain.

- Guest must be accompanied by authorised staff when viewing the lion enclosures at the bottom of the mountain. Only management or qualified lion conservationists may conduct tours with guests. If a member of staff finds themselves in a position where they have to accompany guests on their own, they are to inform the guests that they are not qualified to give a tour and are only there for safety purposes.

- Guest may not touch lions at any time whatsoever.

- Staff should avoid working inside of enclosures whilst guests are around. It is dangerous and it must be understood that lions may suddenly change their behaviour when other people approach. Where possible, staff should leave the enclosure upon seeing guests arrive.



The following are considered emergencies: FIRE - AN ESCAPED LION - AN ATTACKED OR WOUNDED PERSON - A BROKEN FENCE


FIRE: Ready the fire fighting equipment whilst phoning to report the fire to Andi Rive and Leon van Zyl. Give clear and concise details as to location and status of the fire. Keep telephone contact even if handing you own phone to someone who can more easily answer it.


AN ESCAPED LION: From a safe position, maintain visual contact at all times. Phone Andi Rive and Leon van Zyl. The vet will be alerted by Andi Rive. Do not come between the lion and its route back to the enclosure. No one must run. Do not approach the lion. Inform residents at the sanctuary and Appin, that guests and volunteers have to stay indoors. Wait for back up vehichles and personnel before attempting to herd the lion back to its enclosure. The vet will dart the lion if he/she does not return to the enclosure.


AN ATTACKED OR WOUNDED PERSON: Attempt to chase the lion away. (Pepper spray, shouting, waving with sticks or plastic bags). Remember a vehicle can be used to give cover to the person. Do not leave gates open in your haste. If a lion has grabbed a person through the fence, do not pull the person away, first the lion must free the person from his grip. Once the lion has been chased off, take the person to a safe point. Call Andi Rive and Leon van Zyl. Depending on the severity of the wounds, begin driving the person to Harrismith. Keep phone contact as a doctor will be alerted via phone by Andi or Leon. If the wounds can be treated at the sanctuary, collect the first aid kit and attend to the patient.


A BROKEN FENCE: Using vehicles and personnel to create a barrier between the lions and the broken fence. Inform Andi Rive or Leon van Zyl. At least one member of the team must act as a watch guard whilst the others mend the fence.


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