This is a virtual adoption. 

In order to help support your chosen lion, you adopt him/her and your adoption fee is used towards the ongoing care of that lion.

You will receive a certificate of adoption and you will be mentioned during 'Lives' and 'tagged' in posts relating to your adopted lion.

You may, of course, enter into correspondence with LLA regarding your chosen lion but please understand that LLA will respond to you at reasonable times only.

You may enjoy Bragging Rights, tell everyone about your adopted cat. Follow him/her on social media and mention your involvement in posts.

If you would like a Tshirt, Hoodie, Canvas print, mug or any other item with a photo of your adopted cat, please email us to arrange. This however will be for your own account and seperate from the adoption fee which is used for the cat's needs.

ADOPT from any where in the world

See all conditions:

Lions remain at Love Lions Alive Sanctuary. This is not an ownership transfer. This is a virtual adoption only and is only valid for the adoption period.



The virtual adoption is only vaild for as long as the monthly adoption fee is paid.

Each donor has the right to cancel their adoption at any time, please just let us know.

LLA has the right to cancel any adoption if the terms of the adoption are not adhered to.

You are welcome to send us whatsapps on +27827407558

or email us

We love to know who has adopted a lion so give us lots of information about yourself and why you chose that lion.

LLA will answer messages and emails at reasonable times and when it is convenient to do so as we are a working sanctuary with no staff dedicated to messaging.



Your adoption is a kindness which helps us to pay to give the lions all the care they need to live at the highest level of care possible.

You take home the good feeling of doing a wonderful thing for another living creature. (Please read more in the About Adoption section). You are personally involved in a very real way. But please keep the following in mind...

Adoptions are virtual and do not buy the adopting person any actual rights to the lion. Neither Love Lions Alive Sanctuary NPC nor its representitives are bound to the donor in anyway. 

Adopting a lion does not buy you ownership rights in the sanctuary nor make LLA sanctuary bound to you in any way. The lion still belongs soley to Love Lions Alive Sanctuary NPC in South Africa (2017/242037/08, R84/710720001089)

No person may make demands on LLA or its staff and representitives. Donors do not have management rights, may not dictate to LLA nor voice opinions on the management of LLA and the lions in its care.

The adoption is only valid for the period paid for.

The Adopting person may make mention of the fact that they are helping LLA Sanctuary to care for their adopted lion via a financial donation only, they may not presume to say, either overtly or by means of hints, that they are in fact taking care of their or any other lion at LLA themselves. 

Bragging rights are to be realistic and in line with the actuality of this virtual adoption.

LLA are not obligated to respond to every email, message, social media post, whatsapp, phonecall or other form of communication from the adoptive person. LLA will however answer where possible as long as communication is meaningful and kept within reasonable bounds.