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Duration from 1 day up to 8 weeks.


We recommend at least one week stay if you want to do our Volunteer Program so that you can get a taste of how it is to work with lions on a daily basis. It takes a few days to become part of the system.


Extending your stay for more than 8 weeks has to be arranged after we get to know each other.


When you book we will send you options for booking a ticket on a bus, coach or by private car.


(Accommodation and food are included in the package)

Per night: R 1350

Transport by LLA one way:

For a single person: R 2200

For 2 or 3 persons travelling together: R 1200 per person

To book a day tour send an email to:



We are not open to the public and as a working sanctuary, Andi and staff are busy with management duties, however, if you book in advance, Andi will give you a guided tour at the sanctuary.


Duration of a day tour is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. We prefer that you book at least a week ahead.


R 1000

Maximum of 10 people per group


Any donation is appreciated.

For the quiet, respectful nature lover, we offer a Unique Guest Experience where you can overnight in Andi Rive's private camp.

Andi and her team live in tents alongside of 3 lions in a shady grove situated on the side of a rocky mountain.

Join them for sundowners on a boulder overlooking the Eastern Free State's beautiful valleys and mountains followed by a braai around their camp fire.

Waking up to the sound of lions roaring and birds chirping may be an everyday event for Andi Rive and team, but it is something truly special for the rest of us. The freshness of the air and the uniqueness of the setting never fail to inspire one. Sleeping in comfortable tents alongside of lion enclosures is a treat. Chatting to Andi at the fire is a privilege.

Night sounds include jackal, mountain rhebok, baboon, lions, owls and night jars. There are literally thousands of birds including a breeding pair of Black Eagles and a colony of Cape Vultures.


This experience although thoroughly special, is very ordinary in the sense that it is truly the everyday living space and routine of Andi and team.

Depending on which tent you are in, the bathroom is located 5 - 30m away from the tents in a rockside setting.

The tented kitchen is self catering so feel free to bring along extra snacks and breakfast.

The braai process takes several hours so meals are eaten quite late.

Lighting is solar powered and it is recommended that guests bring their own headlamp/torch for additional light.

Beds have warm duvets and blankets and all tents are carpeted. Towels are provided.

It can get really cold so make sure you have warm jackets and boots.

Please advise us regarding braai preferances if you do not eat your common garden South African fare. We are happy to braai alternatives.

We provide a small assortment of alcoholic beverages but you may bring along a special bottle of wine or something of your choice for enjoying as a sundowner or around the fire.

This is not an environment suited to young children as the lions see them entirely as prey and the lion fences are only metres away from the tents. We do not want the lions pacing up and down along the fence lines and becoming discontentent with their environment.

The weather can play a large role in this experience and so guests need to be ready for anything. Meals may have to be eaten under the kitchen, diningroom or sitting room tents.

This experience is not suitable for those who are looking for a luxury safari camp.


Arrive at 2pm-4pm for a lion tour with Andi after which you will head up to the camp to meet the lions there, relax a bit, go for a walk to Prayer Rock for sunset and then back to the camp fire.

Check out is at 10am



R2000 per person















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