Name: Mandla

Born: Approximately January 2015

Arrived at LLA Sanctuary: April 2016

Lives with: Isibindi

Tawny Male

Parents: unknown

Mandla means power. He arrived at LLA Sanctuary first in April 2016 and his brother Isibindi came five days later.




Leon bought Isibindi and his brother Mandla from a hunter.


The Professional Hunter was on his way to Eastern Cape with Mandla in a crate on the back of his bakkie when Leon phoned him to ask some questions about Sasha and Moya. The hunter told Leon (just by the way) that he was delivering a lion to a drop and shoot. Leon told him to drop the lion of at LLA Sanctuary, and he arranged payment for the lion.


Andi was cross because this went against her ethos as a sanctuary. She believes that paying a breeder for a lion helps to perpetuate that market. Leon said he is not Andi and can save a lion and give it to Andi if he chooses to do so.


Five days later the same thing happened with Isibindi.



These two brothers have grown more confident, but have no need for human contact.


They will now live a happy lion life at LLA Sanctuary for the rest of their lives.


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