Name; Odin

Born: 7. sept. 2016

Arrived at LLA Sanctuary: 11. sept 2016

Lives with: Mulan

Tawny Male

Parents: unknown

Odin is the Norse god.


Andi thinks that Odin was born in the first week of September. She was phoned to pick them up on Sunday 11th September 2016.


Odin would not have survived another 24 hrs as he was so severely dehydrated. Andi bought supplies from the vet and administered Ringers lactate subcutaneously several times over the next days, we gave him glucose, antibiotics and syringe fed him whilst getting him stronger. He took the bottle quite readily. Andi injected a multi vitamin booster weekly for 6 weeks.


Andi's two norwegians and Line look after Odin.


He lives with Mulan and has been hand reared.



Odin is growing every day and we think he will grow up to be a gorgeous big lion. His fur is very fluffy and shimmering. There are no signs of his early troubles.


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