Love Lions Alive Sanctuary

There is SIMPLY NO other animal on Earth which moves mans' SPIRIT the way a LION DOES

uninhibited STRENGTH

pure POWER

FELINE grace

PLAYFUL cat antics

fierce LOYALTY

razer sharp INTELLIGENCE

The above photos show lions living in the enclosures we have built at Love Lions Alive Sanctuary. These lions all come from compromised situations where they lived in sub standard environments. This slide show is here to celebrate the lions improved lifetsyle at LLA

Things are not all picture perfect in the lives of the lions. These photos are here to show the lives of the lions prior to moving to LLA as well as veterinary activities undertaken to improve the quality of life of the lions at LLA.

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Founded by Andi Rive

Love Lions Alive Sanctuary offers a place of safety, dignity and reprieve to all big cats in need.

"I will give a safe haven to any lion already existing in captivity whose quality of life can be improved by coming to LLA, but I can not watch new lions being created to live behind fences."

- Andi Rive


our mission is to give all cats who have been born into one or another captive environment, the best chance at having a quality life. We build their habitats so as to provide high ground with views over the fences so that the cats look out over large vistas. We build around boulders and trees to provide natural shade and shelter. We include low lying hiding spots for privacy. We build rock pools as naturally as possible to allow for wild cats to drink the way wild cats should drink and we dam up rain water pools for the water loving cats to play in.


Our aim is to create awareness that lions are more valuable alive than dead. We have created a safe haven for lions. There are more than 8 000 lions just in South Africa that need a home of peace and security free from breeding, cub petting and no possibility of a future as a trophy on someones wall.


We DO NOT BREED lions. We are 100% oppossed to the breeding of any more lions in captivity. There is no justification whatsoever to put more lions behind fences.

We DO NOT SELL lions.

We DO NOT offer lion interactions be it  playing, petting, touching  or walking with lions.

Lions at LLA are here to be treated with the respect and dignity lions deserve.

We rescue and care for exotic cats who have been bred in South Africa by zoos and private owners. We do not import exotic cats into SA.

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