Jaguar - Brazil


Brazil a female Jaguar

Born 3 May 2016

From Bloemfontein zoo

Arrived at LLA 16 March 2020

Mother Amazon

Brazil is a small jaguar with a huge character. How they managed to keep her locked up in the zoo, we simply cannot phathom. She must have been bouncing off of the walls in frustration. This cat is fiesty and fiercely free spririted. 

LLA collected Brazil along with her mother Amazon (Tripod) from the Bloemfontein zoo when it was permanantly closed down due to lack of animal welfare standards. The SPCA and Department of Environment were looking for ethical sanctuaries to take over the lifelong and proper care of the cats and LLA was asked to take these jaguars.

We had to get used to the different narture of jaguars as we are used to lions, these spritly cats are busier, far faster and more intense than lions. They are curious and appear out of nowhere when ever we do anything near to their enclosure. Brazil is quicker than her mother owing to having all 4 legs. She is smaller than Amazon which is most probably due to inbreeding. Brazil is a strong little ball of muscle. So beautiful, wow. 

We will do everything in our power to give both jaguars the best life we can. We have built them a species appropriate enclosure with water, wetlands and reeds to try and emmulate their natural environment as much as we can within the constraints presented to us.