Name: Mela

Born: 29th of March 2015

Arrived at LLA Sanctuary:

Lives with: Taai

Tawny Female

Parents: Beau (father) and Ariel (mother)


Mela was born to two lions who had been given to Andi whilst she was still based at the previous location of the sanctuary. Mela's mother Ariel didn't take care of her when she was born. A lion manager and Taiga (Andi's daughter) watched the cub for six hours before they picked her up, Taiga began caring for her. Mela was with Andi when she left to build LLA Sanctuary at the new location in April 2015.

Mela was Andi's inspiration of building the new sanctuary LLA and the reason she survived the heartbreak of having to leave the other lions behind.

Since Mela has been with Andi her entire life, she is Andi's baby and Andi is to her, a mother.

"Mela is a lovely lion and talks a lot. She is quite fluffy and softer than most." - Andi Rive


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