Work groups will be co-ordinated and overseen by Line who works permanently at the sanctuary.

Work includes tasks such as:

- Fencing

- Feeding lions

- Collecting carcasses from neighbouriing farms

- Repairing roads

- Cleaning, scrub and alien saplings

- Collecting stones for closing gaps under lion fences due to undulating lansdscape

- Keeping track of individual behaviour of the lions.

- Enhancing enrichment and anti-stress tactics for the lions

- Helping with fundraising events at the farm

- Building water drinking rock pools for the lions

- Photographing and noting activities of individual lions

- Assisting with lifting and monitoring of lions when sedated for veterinary purposes.

- General maintenance of facilities

- IT and technological installations or upkeep

- Housekeeping for yourselves i.e. fire wood stacked each day for that nights fire, cleaning of your own room, do your own laundry in the washing machine provided

- Assisting with firebreaks or fire fighting when necessary

- Building fire retardant "moats" around buildings, tents, lion camps

- General building and then maintenance of lion habitats

- General building of the tented camp

Remember, you are a volunteer! Please speak up if you are struggling with the work load. Your team leader/s will understand.

If you have any physical restrictions, speak to us and we will gladly make accomodations for you where we can.

Our oldest volunteer to date is 82 years old!