Free State Accommodation room or tent

  The Mountain Sanctuary: Volunteer Tents

Free State:



Volunteers have a choice of two accommodation options:

- our tented camp on the mountainside where Andi and Line live with 9 lions, 2 pumas and 2 jaguars living alongside of the camp. You will stay in a tent and make use of a rockside bathroom, braai and tented kitchen. The beds are comfortable and have good bedding. It is a very special experience staying in the camp.

- or alternatively, we can rent a room for you from our landlords. These rooms are at the base of the mountain in a sandstone building surrounded by a large lawn, boulders and trees. This facility is owned by our landlord. Andi's office is down there but there are no resident members of LLA staff or Appin staff living at this base facility which makes it very quiet if you are travelling alone. This option is really only for those who cannot stay in the tented camp for some reason or other.

You can decide on which sleeping option you would prefer and feel free to change your mind once you are with us. As long as there is availability, we will move you from tent to room or visa versa.

We obviously prefer the tented camp way of life ourselves!