Name: Natacha

Born: 29th of March 2015 In FRANCE

Arrived at LLA Sanctuary: 7th of April 2016

Lives with: Moya and Sasa

Tawny Female

Parents: unkonwn

Nachi was born 29th of March 2015 in France and smuggled to Spain where she was a circus cub used for photo opps.

She was confiscated by the police and stayed with Chelui CATCH Spain until Captured in Africa Foundation could raise the finance for her to fly to South Africa and Andi could find the land and build her an enclosure.

She arrived at O.R. Tambo on the 7th of April 2016. Andi fetched her at the airport and took her to LLA sanctuary.


She emerged from her crate on to grass, sky, trees, rocks etc. Shiswould startle at the wind, her paw pads were not thoughened and she walked all scrunched up and slouching at first.

She seemed to have no bone structure, she was just a little "puddle" of lion. But she has lengthened and become lionesque and sphelt as she has learnt to walk, run, climb and spred out both physically and psychologically.


Nachi gained confidence at first and very quickly showed Andi that she wanted to be rubbed. Andi did not expect this since she was badly treated by humans before. Nachi would lean into the fence and rub her back up against the spot Andi was sitting. Andi decided that it was her duty as a human to show her love and tell her that she is okay. Andi gave her loads of scratches and rubs daily.

Natacha is now living with Sasha and Moya. These three are a perfect match.


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