Name: Moya

Born: Approximately August 2015

Arrived at LLA Sanctuary: 8th of April 2016

Lives with: Natacha and Sasha

Tawny Male

Parents: Unknown

Moya arrived at Love Lions Alive Sanctuary with his brother Sasha when they were approximately 9 months old.


The 2nd of April 2016 Andi Rive was at the Lion March in Cape Town. At the same day a professional hunter from NW called Andi's boyfriend, Leon, they wanted to come and see Mela. Andi was not happy about it, but they were already on their way. They only spent a few minutes watching Mela with Leon. The hunters were offered these two male cubs (Sasha and Moya) at a good price. They would pay 9 months old prices and could come back a year later to shoot them as bigger lions. The hunters girlfriend decided they should buy them and rather give them to Andi instead.

They arrived at Love Lions Alive Sanctuary the 8th of April 2016. Their first enclosure was 1.5 Ha, but they were petrified and we only saw glimpses of them. After five weeks Andi decided to move them to the introduction camp. These camps are much smaller and it is easier to monitor the lions. Mela was moved out of Natacha's camp, and Moya and Sasha moved in with Natacha. This is a success story. They all snuggle and love each other.


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