Name: Mulan

Born: 23th of August 2016

Arrived at LLA Sanctuary: 11. sept. 2016

Lives with: Odin

Tawny Female

Parents: unknown


Mulan is the warrior princess.

Andi thinks that Mulan was born around about the end of August. She was phoned to pick Odin and Mulan up on Sunday 11th September 2016.

Mulan looked good, but she hadn’t pooed in 4 days and as a result had stopped taking her bottle. It took another 2 days to get her to poo, she then automatically took her bottle again.

She arrived with Odin but they are not from the same litter. She and Odin live together and have been hand reared.

Andi's two Norwegians Tale and Line look after Mulan.

Mulan and Odin are very happy together, they snuggle and play with each other every day.

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