Jaguar Amazon


Amazon is an incredible cat, she is strong, capable and fiesty. You can not believe that she has spent 13 years in a zoo, walled in and only has 3 legs. This girl is super adventurous and had no problems addapting to her new more rigorous lifestyle at LLA.

We collected the cats from the zoo when tha SPCA and DESTEA closed the zoo down for failing to meet animal welfare standards. Both Amazon (then called Tripod) and her daughter Brazil were already locked in the night room when we arrived. They were hissing, snarling and every now and then, bouncing at the iron bars in anger.

We now have them in the enclosure we have specifically build for them at LLA. It has been designed to give them, as jaguars, the most appropriate environment we can give them within the bounds of captivity and our resources. It has a dam, wetlands, reed beds, rocks and long grass. It is such a huge imporovement from their lifestyle before that you would think it would have taken a little getting used to. But no, these two are just amazing. They are loving every bit of their new home, with confidence and surety of self. 

We are absolutely in love with these fiesty jaguars.

Amazon is a female jaguar

Born 23 Feb 2007

Bloemfontein Zoo

Arrived at LLA 16 March 2020

Lives with her daughter Brazil

Amazon's Gallery

Amazon 4
Amazon and Brazil 2
Amazon and Brazil
Amazon in grass
Amazon looking
Amazon in dam